Saturday, 21 June 2008

21st June, 2008

Happy Summer Solstice to everyone

Tonight I will be celebrating solstice with some friends. We will gather to eat food and read some poems by Rumi and Hafiz. The notion to do this came about when I discovered recipes for curry in the back of my Rumi's collected poems. It seemed to make perfect sense - the combination of poems and recipes. A trend that could perhaps be encouraged in contemporary poetry books? Who knows, perhaps there's a whole hungry market out there just waiting for for the poem/food fusion to happen.

All we need is a mystic restuaranteur or publisher to step this way and we're off.

Meanwhile, my ticket for Australia has arrived. I will be flying on the 24th of September with Virgin. The aeroplane only stops in Hong Kong for refuelling and so once I've managed to get the stone onto the plane then I know that it will arrive in Sydney.

I'm excited about travelling with this next stone. It has been three years since I took the last one to the U.S.A. and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with everything stone and the mysteries that imbue stone. I'm re-reading Phil Cousineau's Art of Pilgrimage in preparation - this is a great book full of inspiring quotations. I'm also about to have some photographs taken of the stone and me with the stone which will then be posted as soon as possible.

If anyone is unsure about what the migration habits of stones project is all about, then please visit my website at

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