Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Greetings - to anyone out there who might still be checking in with this woefully neglected blog.

Things are changing. To be more precise, the migrating stones project is changing. I have just heard that the beloved Arts Council has said and almighty YES to funding the next migrating stone.

Given that I am in post swine-flu recovery, the strength of my response to this news cannot, and is not, going un-noted. I am, quite simply, delighted. Happy. Excited. Already my mind is buzzing with new ideas and thoughts about how to proceed and I'm in that 'i can't wait' to get on with the research and play involved in developing the project further.

So, it's interesting to note what a Yes can achieve: my self esteem seems to have leapt a few inches higher today and the prospect of money has set the synapses firing. Given that I'm a fairly impoverished (financially at least) poet who ventures forth irrespective of pecuniary reward for the most part, I cannot deny the relief involved in knowing that money - lovely money - is going to enable me to eat, pay bills and commission the next stage of the work. Body, mind and soul are more than delighted to receive financial recompense for work about to be performed.

So, watch this re-enlivened space - ask questions if you have any - and let's see how things develop. I've got a funny feeling that stone number four is going to need to help of a lot of people in order for its journey to come to fruition.....