Thursday, 10 July 2008

I once did a project on the nature of time with the artist Hannah Cox. As part of this project I called my mum one day from a phone box at the top of Corn Street in Bristol and said, "Mum, what can you tell me about time?" She thought about this for a while and then said, "Well, it goes a lot faster the older you get."

So I haven't blogged since summer solstice which is over two weeks ago - where did those weeks go and how did they go so quickly?

Part of the answer to this question resides in a public art project I'm currently involved with called Companion Stones. It's taking place in the Peak District and is really inspiring. I'm working with artist Amanda Wray to create a companion stone for one of the stoops on the Moor.

These stoops (stones) were put on the moors to guide people in the right direction: Bakewell, Derby, Sheffield, Dronfield etc. Prior to this it was very easy to get lost and if you were lost there was a high likelihood that you would starve to death.

The stoops were installed in 1709 and here we are nearly 200 years later creating companions for them.

Meanwhile the migrating stone is still progressing. I'm in contact with Australia with regard to siting the stone and it is all starting to feel a lot more real. I'll blog again soon with further details of this and the stone's progress.